Vol. 60 | nr. 1 | January - March 2012 Article 8

The actuating time of an electromagnet excited by DC voltage
(full text in Romanian)

Marius Aurel COSTEA, Bogdan Dumitru VĂRĂTICEANU, Constanța BĂLAN


An efficient iterative method is proposed for the computation of the actuation time of electromagnets. The proposed method solves the nonlinear equation of mechanical evolution using a numerical integration procedure. For various feeding curents and by varying the total weight of the mobile armature of a DC fed electromagnet, the actuation time was determined. The magnetic field was calculated with a numerical method, with a finite element software, for a convenient set of positions of the mobile armature, taking into account the nonlinear nature of the ferromagnetic material.

Keywords: actuating time, DC voltage, dynamic equilibrium, nonlinear media