Vol. 60 | nr. 1 | January - March 2012 Article 5

Trends in the design of indoor, secondary distribution medium voltage metal clad switchgears
(full text in Romanian)

Serghie VLASE, Marian DUȚĂ, Sebastian POPESCU, Cristian SĂLCEANU


There are presented the trends in the design of indoor metal clad switchgears, locally or remotely controlled, equipped with vacuum circuit breakers, intended for secondary distribution of electric energy, taking into account: technical-economic and informational progress; Romanian environmental (temperature, humidity) conditions affected by he global warming; systems for insulating the metal clad switchgears and for breaking their switching devices, also for remotely controlling and monitoring them, updated international standards for metal clad switchgears and their apparatus, regarding mechanical endurance and special climatic conditions.

Keywords: metal clad switchgear, medium voltage, electric energy, secondary distribution