Vol. 60 | nr. 1 | January - March 2012 Article 12

Differential amplification magnetic sensor
(full text in Romanian)

Eugen Ștefan LAKATOȘ, Irinel Gabriel ȘERBAN


In this paper we present bipolar magnetic field sensors (bipolar magnetotransistor), as a semiconductor device used for measurement and detection of magnetic fields. We presents the structure and functioning of bipolar magnetotransistor. The paper presents examples of SPICE simulation of bipolar magnetotransistor operation. Starting from equivalent electric circuit of the sensor, we considering the sensor’s sensitivity dependence according geometric, technological and material parameters. The SPICE model of bipolar transistor is created based on the main model parameters: saturation current, forward Early voltage, forward transit time, zero-bias depletion capacitance. For calculating the bipolar transistor model parameters are used data from specialized literature.

Keywords: efect Hall, magnetotranzistor bipolar, senzor magnetic cu amplificare diferențială, simulare SPICE