Vol. 60 | nr. 1 | January - March 2012

Analytical Summary
07. Thyristor controlled series capacitor used in the electric power system
Authors: Martin GERMAN-SOBEK, „ubomír BEÒA, Roman CIMBALA
16. Application to adaptive back-stepping for a permanent magnet synchronous machine
Authors: Abderrahmane KECHICH, Benyounes MAZARI
25. Superconducting Synchronous Motor Electric Drive
32. Dependence of dissipation factor and conductivity of magnetic fluids on temperature
Authors: Jozef KIRÁLY, Karol MARTON, Roman CIMBALA, Iraida KOLCUNOVÁ
37. Trends in the design of indoor, secondary distribution medium voltage metal clad switchgears
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Serghie VLASE, Marian DUȚĂ, Sebastian POPESCU, Cristian SĂLCEANU
40. Field analysis in the structure of dual gap electromagnetic actuators
(full text in Romanian)

Author: Dan OLARU
44. Numerical heat transfer in the design phase of a synchronous superconducting machine
Authors: Alexandru M. MOREGA, Ion DOBRIN, Mihail D. POPESCU, Mihaela MOREGA, Lucian PÂSLARU-DANESCU
50. The actuating time of an electromagnet excited by DC voltage
(full text in Romanian)
Authors: Marius Aurel COSTEA, Bogdan Dumitru VĂRĂTICEANU, Constanța BĂLAN
54. Semi-products obtained by solid state diffusion for electrical contacts
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Violeta TSAKIRIS, Elena ENESCU, Magdalena LUNGU, Lucia LEONAT, Delia PATROI
59. Modelling of electromagnetic device with permanent magnets using finite element method
(full text in Romanian)

Author: Alexandru RADULIAN

63. Recenzie carte
Marius Bâzu and Titu Băjenescu, Failure Analysis. A Practical Guide for Manufacturers of Electronic Components and Systems, J. Wiley & Sons, 2011, 317 pages, ISBN 978-0-470-74824-4, $ 104.98.
65. Differential amplification magnetic sensor
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Eugen Ștefan LAKATOȘ, Irinel Gabriel ȘERBAN
75. Challenges in nanotechnologies and nanomanufacturing processes
Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU