Vol. 59 | nr. 4 | October - December 2011 Article 1

Nano-electronica ║i fiabilitatea

Titu-Marius I. B├JENESCU


During recent years, the plastic-ferrites are used in the cables with higher requirements for EMC. This paper deals with monitoring of changes in selected dielectric and magnetic properties, such as relative permittivity  εr, dielectric loss tangent tan δ, and effective relative permeability µef of plastic ferrite materials based on soft manganesezinc (Mn-Zn) ferrite filler and nonmagnetic polymeric ethylvinylacetate (EVAC) or polyvinylchloride matrix (PVC). The results are presented from the standpoint of accelerated thermal ageing.

Keywords: NEMS, nanotehnologie, defect, mecanismele de defectare, analiza defectelor, fiabilitate